Outstanding Thesis and Thesis Contest​

Mae Fah Luang University Announcement Subject: Nomination for Outstanding Dissertations and Theses Graduate Studies

Criteria and Conditions for Nomination

for Outstanding Dissertations and Theses Graduate Studies, Mae Fah Luang University, Academic Year 2021

Criteria for Selection

1. The dissertation or thesis must be original, not duplicating previous dissertations, theses, textbooks or procedures.

2. The dissertation or thesis must contain a clear hypothesis or a statement to be proved or disproved.

3. The dissertation or thesis must use an appropriate research methodology and instruments for finding evidence to test the hypothesis.

4. The dissertation or thesis must be written in correct format with clear explanation according to the dissertation and thesis standard practices.
6. The dissertation or thesis must contain at least one of the following characteristics:

(1) Generating a new theory or idea; disproving previous theory, or making a significant contribution to a previous theory;
(2) Establishing a new procedure or a new research instrument; disproving a previous procedure or a research instrument, or adding essential point to them, or
(3) Discovering procedures of production, invention, administration, and services that are beneficial to the discipline or the manufacture of new products; contributing significant adaptations or improvements to previous procedures.

7. The dissertation or thesis must be published in an academic journal, accredited nationally or internationally , or acquire a patent or have a high potential use.

Criteria for Dissertation and Thesis Nominations

1. The dissertation or thesis must be conducted and authored by graduate students Who graduate in academic year 2021 from Mae Fah Luang University.

2. It must be written in Thai or in English.

3. The result of dissertation/thesis defense exam must be “Good” or “Excellent”.

4. It must be in one of these conditions:

(1) It is published in a national or international academic journal. The student must be the first author, and Mae Fah Luang University must be affiliated in the article. 
(2) It is filed for a patent/petty patent.
(3) It  is used or has high potential for a specific application.

5. It must not have been awarded by Mae Fah Luang University, national or international organizations.

6. Graduate students who are the dissertations’ or theses’ author must agree to apply for nomination. They must specify the field of nomination categorized in the following disciplinary groups:

(1) Fields of Science and Technology

     – School of Science
     – School of Information Technology
     – School of Agro-Industry
     – School of Cosmetic Science

(2) Fields of Health Science 

     – School of Health Science
     – School of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine 
     – School of Nursing
     – School of Medicine
     – School of Dentistry

(3) Fields of Humanities and Social Sciences 

     – School of Liberal Arts 
     – School of Management 
     – School of Law 
     – School of Sinology 
     – School of Social Innovation

 7. Nomination for Outstanding Dissertations and Theses Graduate Studies must be approved by the program committee and Dean.

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