Nomination Form for Outstanding Dissertations and Theses Graduate Studies, Mae Fah Luang University
Academic Year 2022

Required Documents

A Graduate student to be nominated for Outstanding Dissertations and Theses of Graduate Studies, Academic year 2021 must submit the form within a specific period set by Office of the Post Graduate Studies; additionally, files of the required documents must be submitted as follows: 

1) Nomination Form for Outstanding Dissertations and Theses in a PDF file; the form must be completed by a graduate student who is the research author of dissertation/thesis
    >>  Fields of Science and Technology   Form Download (School of Science, School of Information Technology, School of Agro-Industry, and School of Cosmetic Science)
    >>  Fields of Health Science  Form Download (School of Health Science, School of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine, School of Nursing, School of Medicine, and School of Dentistry)
   >>  Fields of Humanities and Social Sciences  Form Download (School of Liberal Arts, School of Management, School of Law, School of Sinology, and School of Social Innovation)

2) Abstracts written in Thai and English in PDF files
3) A complete dissertation or thesis in a PDF file
4) Copies of the dissertation or thesis article published in an academic journal which is internationally or nationally accepted as standard publication and being in accordance with Mae Fah Luang University Announcement B.E.2560 in the subject of Graduate Students’ Research Publication.
5) Other supporting documents in PDF files

If a form and supporting document in 2)-4) are not complete, Office of the Postgraduate Studies will not accept the nomination application for Outstanding Dissertations and Theses Graduate Studies Mae Fah Luang University, Academic year 2022

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